When I was at high school I studied physics and biology. We had a full chapter talking about the DNA describing what it is with more details about the subject. During our study of the DNA I was struck by an experiment that was made, in which scientists collected and remade a functioning DNA, which was reasonable in some sense; because if you think about it… DNA is constructed by a series of proteins that are gathered together in a certain patters that form the gene.

At the same time we also studies some quantum physics in our physics classes, we learned some of Max Blank theories, and some other things related to the theory of relativity and so on. One day, I was watching this movie of Star Trek, and I saw this amazing teleportation device where the actors stand on and they are transported anywhere in no time. I gave this idea some thinking and I had an initial idea of how to make them.

I started to read more about the DNA, and then I had an initial idea of how to do this; and I was even more amazed when I figured that what I thought of on my own was already a big research topic that scientists are currently trying to make it a reality.

I am not going to talk a lot how can we achieve teleportation but in short the idea is to very simple. You have an object that has a molecular structure and you need to send it somewhere else. The steps are the following:

  1. Scan the molecular structure of the object and make a full map of that structure.
  2. Send these information to the other station that will receive the teleported object.
  3. Destroy the object at the home station.
  4. Send information through some mechanism to the other station.
  5. In the reception station, read the structure map and reconstruct the molecular structure of the object

Here we have fully teleported an object from one place to another. If you would like to know more about how it actually works you can check it at How Stuff Works.

Given these facts we can safely say that we can teleport any object from one place to another. However, will it work for human? will it work for any living thing? That is a question that needs to be answered. Yes, any object will be successfully teleported, but when we talk about living things especially men we have to stop for a while. We know for sure that man will be teleported successfully, but here is the question, will he still be alive when he get teleported to the other side. Now That’s an important question. So when we say that human teleportation is successful we mean that a human being was teleported from a place to another and he remains alive in the other station that he was just teleported to. Actually, I have no answer for that question; but I would like to hear your opinions regarding this issue.


4 thoughts on “Teleportation

  1. I believe teleportation of humans will be done, but I believe it would be in a totally different manner than objects.

    Actually pseudo-teleportation is available, there are 3D scanners and 3D printers. Scan an object in one-side of the world, send the data through the internet, print it from the other side of the world. Voila!! 🙂
    Of course there are two considerations, (1) the output from the 3D printer is not of the same material as the real object, (2) the output is a look-alike of the object, but not the same object (the object has not been teleported, it has only been re-created)

    People are made of Body and Spirit, you may be able to transfer the body, which is tangible, but how will you transfer the Spirit? And if you followed the steps you showed above, you will actually be destroying (killing) the human-being and recreating him/her elsewhere not teleporting him. Also, how will you transfer the human’s memories, emotions, personality, IQ, experience … etc?

    I may see humans “teleporting” through a high-speed vehicle, where you ride a certain vehicle that travels to the place you want to go to in seconds. Inside this vehicle you could maybe have a controlled environment to make sure that the high-speed would not disintegrate the body – I’m totally making this up!

    Sorry for the long comment, but I believe for humans it would be high-speed transportation not teleportation 🙂

  2. I read it, I feel it actually proves what I said 🙂 A person has to die then re-created 🙂

    If this could actually be done, no one would ever die .. You could take this same method then use it in a different application:

    When a person is in his 30s/40s take an instance of him and save it, then when he dies, his loved ones can recreate him 🙂

    I would personally ask my family to save an instance of my body in the 20s and of my brain on my death bed, in order to incorporate the strength of youth with the experience and wisdom of old age 😀 hahahah 😀

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