Time Travel

Hello again! Before you proceed in reading this post I want you to watch the following video. Just watch from 00:43 to 01:10

One of the things that I find mind twisting is the idea of time travel. Einstein described time in his theories or relativity and he related time travel to travelling in a speed that is faster than the speed of light. If we assumed that time travel is possible and breaking the speed of light is possible, then we can say that it is possible to go to the future, and maybe go to the past.

Well, as you saw in the video above. The character had to cross a bridge, but then that bridge got destroyed; and what he did is that he reversed time where everything is going back while he is the only thing that is “his” time is going forward. That brings dozens of questions!

Will that allow human beings to change their destinies? How will that affect our lives in general? Imagine that you are about to make some important decision regarding something very important to you. You make a try, and it fails so you reverse time while your time frame is still going forward, and you try again, and you fail… and you keep reversing time and retrying until you achieve what you want.

May be I am just telling some jibber jabbering, and I know that the content in this video is pure science fiction but this doesn’t keep me away from thinking what if this true, what if we reached this kind of technology.


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