My new Facebook Page

I thought about it a lot before I do it. I have created my first fan page. In this page I share some photographs that I took in Samir Georgy's Studiomany places. I try as much as I can to show the beauty of the world. I try to show the beauty of nature, and how God was amazing in his creation! :)

This page is not meant to brag or anything, it is just a way to show everyone how beautiful the world is. It is not that i am saying that I am super awesome and I take amazing photographs, on the contrary, I still believe that I have so much to learn to be a good photographer, but I do my best to capture the best moments, to see life from another different perspective, to appreciate everything in my life and to feel thankful because of every little detail in my life. Trust me when I say this, I started to realize this when I started photography. I suddenly had this different look to life. The look of seeing bad things as the most beautiful things :)

You are more than welcome to come and join Samir Georgy’s Studio.


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