The CoD:MW3 Experience

Yes I am gamer. I am a hardcore gamer.

One of the games that I recently played is a game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I upgraded my computer specifically to play this game. I think Call of Duty is one of the most brilliant games ever made in the history of gaming. I remember when I started playing games, when there was this old Nintendo, and these old gaming stations, games used to be… you know… just a guy walking around and shooting things! The character you were playing with used to be the super hero, or this amazing guy/girl that can do anything.

This is not the case in games these days. A lot of new games now have stories, REALLY good stories. They are well directed, and they are just breath taking. Modern Warfare 3 is the third and final release of the Modern Warfare trilogy. This game never seize to impress me with its brilliant game play and super interesting story.

The games mainly talks about a terrorist called Makarov who became the leader of the Ultranationalist party in Russia. This party dreams of bringing back the glory of the former Soviet Union. Makarov started to make some terrorist attacks in some place in Europe and Russia and by time he succeeded to unleash World War III.

The most amazing thing about the game is that it makes you live the story. It puts you in the middle of the events and makes you just live it. There is drama, action and everything that just makes you feel the games.

I remember that in the old days games used to be made based on movies but now it is different. Prince of Persia, a game released by Ubisoft achieved one of the highest selling amounts and it is story is so amazing. After 1 year a movie was made based on the game; and trust me, the story of the movie was not as good as the game.

Here comes a question. How far will gaming go in the future? These days there is something called Augmented Reality. It is a new graphics based technology that is still under research and development. The question is: will this technology be used in the field of gaming? It is just amazing to see how things evolve from simple to complex.

And still… we haven’t seen anything yet! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The CoD:MW3 Experience

  1. “games used to be… you know… just a guy walking around and shooting things!” Call of Duty is still this, except now you run and shoot things. COD4 (Modern Warfare) was an amazing title that came out and blew out the mind holes of gamers to make way for a new generation of military FPS. But I do happen to think, and I’m not alone on this one, that MW3 was horribly overpriced as it was basically MW2.5. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing COD online, but the formula is getting stale and Activision needs to step it up a notch. Although, having said that, MW3 is the biggest selling entertainment release of all time… so clearly they are doing something right!

    • I totally agree with you regarding the pricing of the game.
      and it is exactly as you said that COD is still, in an abstract sense, a game of a guy shooting things… but within an interesting story.

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