About me

Samir GeorgyHi! I am Samir Georgy, an Egyptian Software Engineer who graduated from The American University in Cairo in June 2011. I studied Computer Science. Through my study at AUC my passion and love towards technology and software development start to grow more and more.

My fields of interests are in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Image Processing. I made some research in Character Recognition at The University of Massachusetts in Amherst through which I gained a great experience in the field. I also have done individual research in Image processing and developed some image editing applications.

I currently work as a consultant at Cerner Corporation. Cerner is specialized in Healthcare Information systems that has global existence and they strive at making healthcare more efficient and human error free through providing a robust electronic system that handles every single detail in a hospital. While Cerner has many clients around the world, we do have so special ones in the Middle East. Cerner office its services and product to the biggest clients in the region including Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar, King Saud University Hospitals in Saudi Arabia and many other clients in the region. We also installed our system in the Children Cancer Hospital Foundation in Cairo

Besides my work in software development, I started working in film making and visual effects 4 years ago. This field captured my interest because it is a mixture of what I love to study… Computer Graphics and Image Processing.

I have excellent technical skills in the following:

  • C
  • C++
  • C#

As for film making I have the following technical experience:

  • Visual Effects and Composting:
    1. Adobe After Effects.
  • 3D Modeling: (I have basic experience with 3D modeling)
    1. Autodesk 3Ds Max.
    2. Blender.
  • Motion Tracking:
    1. Boujou.
    2. Adobe Mocha for After Effects.
    3. Voodoo.
  • Video Editing:
    1. Sony Vegas.
    2. Adobe Premiere.
If you would like a more “formal” about me, feel free to check out my CV.


I would like also to share with  you a video that some of my friends has made for me as a graduation gift. The video just makes fun of me.