Gaming Portfolio

Video games has always been my true hidden passion. I would spend hours and hours playing a single game and not getting tired of it at all. I remember my first Atari what that big controller with a stick and i used to play that plane fighter game all day log. Then I had the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System); then PS1 and finally PS4. I have to say that with every new system and every new game that is released, my love to video games grows even more. Most gamers these days will not call them games, but rather experiences. These days games are all about story telling, you are no longer the typical hero who is trying to rescue a princess; games are becoming more than that.

I am finally starting my dream of developing games; and I have to say that making a game and seeing it working as you are expecting is just a sensational feeling. If you are interested to play some of the games I developed feel free to access the links below and download them.

Insanity (2020)

Sci-Fi Shooter
Sci-Fi Shooter (2018)

Galaxy Shooter
Space Shooter Pro (2018)