Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the latest innovations in electronics industry. It superimposes graphics and other sense enhancements from computer screens to real time environments. It goes far beyond the static graphics technology of the television where the imposed graphics do not change with the perspective. On the other hand, Augmented Reality systems superimpose graphics for every perspective that are being adjusted to the user’s head movements.

Built on the latest hardware with Head Mounted Display, Data Gloves and coupled with cutting edge developments in AR technologies, our application developed an Augmented Reality system that enabled architects and engineers to visualize their designs on reality. The user was able to model the designs using an advanced input device and eventually see those designs on reality using the electronic goggles. The modeling was be based on transforming basic shapes (cubes, spheres, cones, etc.) using meshes and curves.

ARTIST®which stands for Augmented Reality Tools for Interactive Systems Technology, enabled the 3D modelers and designers to easily create and manipulate complex shapes while being able to see them rendered in real-time at the same time.

ARTIST video demo:

ARTIST group Members:

  1. Amira Soliman.
  2. Samir Georgy.
  3. Sophia Wadie.
  4. Waleed Salama.

Group Supervisor:

Dr. Mikhail Naguib Mikhail


  1. Proposal Document.
  2. SRS Document.
  3. SDS Document.
  4. Final Document.