Software Engineer, Valeo

I currently work at Valeo Egypt. I joined the company in August 9th, 2011. I am working under a business group that is mostly concerned with Comfort and Driving Assistance. I work at a team that is mainly concerned with the standardization and framework of the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) across the business group that I am working for. The team consists of experts who have intensive knowledge of how to deal with the DSP and how to use it to do signal and image processing.

Here are my accomplishments since I joined the team:

  1. Updated a primary boot loaded in order to be compatible with a new Flash Type.
  2. Enhanced and changed the RAM initialization code on a mini boot-loader.
  3. Made some major changes in the architecture of one of the algorithms used in our project (line detection algorithm).
  4. Executed a full hardware test on one of the newly made boards in our team to test the hardware peripherals.

Below is on of the projects released by our business group. It is called Park4U that is mainly concerned with making the car part automatically without any user intervention with the car itself.

Park4U Demo: