I was always thinking about this new technology released by Microsoft. PixelSense™ is a technology released in Microsoft Surface 2.0; I really think this idea is a start of a new generation of screens that can actually see.

The technology allows the screen to “see” what is on it. So if you put anything on the screen, it will be able to detect and give an image in real time of the object that is placed on it. The process it self it pretty easy and the description of how it works is mentioned on Microsoft Surface Website.

Lets just give it some thought of how this technology can reflect on our lives, and how can it make a change in the future of technology and computers. A few days ago I was watching Iron Man 2. This movie contains lots and lots of brilliant technological ideas. However, they are still science fiction. Some of the ideas in the movie were implemented but they are not as efficient as they look in the movie. In one of the scenes, Tony Stark holds a small glassy screen in his hands while he was at the hearing in the congress regarding giving the Iron Man Suit to the US government. He clicked on some buttons on that screen and then he aimed that little device to another big screen that was in the hall; and suddenly all the data that were on his small device got copied to the other computer in the hall and got displayed on that big screen.

If we thought about it, may be this technology could be the key for implementing such idea. However, PixelSense™ can only see objects that are on the screen. Therefore, if the sensors were modified to recognize the light coming from the surrounding environment, we can now create screen that can really see the everything around it. If the screen can see the surrounding environment, it can then recognize what is on other screens, and through communication with the other computers surrounding that little device and some image processing algorithms and intelligent systems we can achieve some interesting results using that idea. We can not transfer data without any external hardware like the Flash Memory and External Hard-Drives. We can do a lot of things actually using this technology.

Actually, one of the amazing videos and concepts ever released was a video of Microsoft that envisions technology in 2019. The video is rich with ideas and innovations. I will try to post the video as soon as possible.


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